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LifeFocus Company builds leaders by utilizing the talents and gifts of individuals by training them in business and non-profit work such as conference and concert fundraisers. LifeFocus Company also teaches courses on leadership fundamentals. Our most vital mission involves education with orphans in order to break the cycle of poverty. LifeFocus Company enriches community leaders who contribute their unique and skills-building programs. Our focus is to elevate every man and woman into realizing their civic gifting skills through recognizing and employing the power of their own potential. Each person can use their gifts to enrich and give back to others to change the lives of impoverished people. We can work together to give them sustainable development within their own communities.




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Sponsor an Orphan Life and Education Program in India

Economic impact and freedom is the best way to reduce poverty and create prosperity. The solution is a long term effect to empower the people and reshape an economy with the rich natural resources they possess. Evidence in the last thirty years has proven that bringing aid doesn't change the core foundation and can actually crush a society into increased poverty. I have always believed in teaching long term education and equipping jobs can bring lasting change to the future of a Society. It is through education that this can happen and be effective. This is a two year plan in India first for the orphans and school then mobilizing farm land for economic stability.

Impact an Orphans life by making a donation:
  • Feed a child for a month -$40
  • Feed a child for a year -$480
  • Give Clothes and Bedding -$60
  • Give Shelter -$120
  • Monthly education -$40
  • Six Months education -$270
  • Year long education -$540
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LifeFocus in India

statistics on orphans in India LifeFocus dot com There are almost 31 million orphans in India, the highest of any other country. Sixty-seven percent of the general population live at the poverty level. Our LifeFocus team is going to India to shoot a film documentary and bring resources to a village in Bombay to shine a light on forgotton children of India. We want to create a sustainable development project where they can farm their land and link it orphanages where food is going directly to the impoverished children. We will also bring educational programs that will ensure continued resources for funding to further ensure higher learning and thus, breaking the cycle of poverty.

LifeFocus Company in collaboration with Film Director of documentaries has sought Catherine Bauknight that won awards for her film for Hawaii Film.


What we do

LifeFocus Company plans and organizes women conferences and benefit concerts. Jennifer Spears is a speaker and song writer for 15 years. She builds teams and brings talents to organize nonprofits. Proceeds go to women and orphans. LifeFocus is helping three organizations in 2017. They are the Gospel Festival in Oakland in March, Modesto God's Women and Wisdom and Grace in October and the Women of Fire Conference being held at the Gallo Art Center in Modesto in September 2017.

Our Future Projects 2018

LifeFocus will purchase land within the village to equip the people with jobs, economic stability and create commerce giving portion to the orphanages and school program. If you are interested in partnering or investing please contact us.


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If you would like to inquire about a speaking engagement or more information about LifeFocus Company's work with orphans please contact us.

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