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About Jennifer

Jennifer Spears background working in the hospitals in rehab department for ten years with disabled patients. Then at 31 years of age she created LifeFocus Company to motivate women and build orphanages nine years ago. She had dedicated her life in humanitarian work with women and children. Helping raise funds for women's shelters. Jennifer Spears has been speaking to youth, women, and business leaders for over 15 years. Her background in event planning, mobilizing teams and raising up leaders to impact their own communities in non-profits with their unique gifting and specific leadership skills. Her calling is to allow women the freedom to choose their greatest passion in work and to bring women out of fear and into boldness declaring that living in leadership and love and unlocking greatest potential can set your soul on fire.She has helped developed contracts for funding and mobilized teams for leaders with Community non profits. She organizes women's events and leads teams to facilitate each other gifting. Her greatest legacy and passion is her orphanages work. She is currently helping in 2017-2018 in South India purchase a building and bring education programs for lasting impact.

My Reason for Making Lasting Change

The Owner's Story of LifeFocus Company
Change A Life Change A Society

I remember when I was I was 7 years old in San Francisco thirty years ago in 1986. I stood on the corner giving my piggie bank to children's dads who were in prison and had no food. My father was a minister and my mother was a nurse. I guess it was in my blood to give back. I remember thinking as a child how to raise funds to give to the poor. The value to change a life in society is more than giving food, clothes, and shelter. It is taking their gifts and teaching them long term goals to get back on their feet. I have found over the last 17 years of working in the medical field and humanitarian and managing teams for community and global change. When we give a human being an opportunity to change through education and tapping into their skills utilizing into their community, it has an economic ripple effect in a city, state and society.

By : Jennifer Spears